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About this site

The website of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) was launched in December 2005 with the approval of the Commission.

Design and Construction:
The design of the website consists of two main components as depicted on the home page. One part covers basic information about Guyana, the Guyana Elections Commission, Guyana Elections and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). The other part covers Media Centre, Handbooks, Past Elections Results and Feedback. The material is based mainly statutory provisions and information extracted from printed materials, which include almost all of the publications of GECOM and such other textual materials relevant to the operations of the Commission.

The complete design of the website was constructed internally at GECOM with emphasis being placed on its being user friendly. A standard method of interfacing from summary topics to different levels of details is adopted. Horizontal and vertical navigation at various levels are provided for instantaneous movement amongst the variety of data views available on this website. Additionally, one could return to the home page by simply clicking on the HOME icon provided on every page of the site.

The text has been researched and developed internally at GECOM. The technical aspect of this website including hosting has been handled by DevNet ( It is being maintained by GECOM with assistance from DevNet.

Editorial Committee:
All information published on the website is vetted by an Editorial Committee headed by the Chairman of the Commission with the Chief Elections Officer and two Commissioners as members of the Committee. They are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all information publicized reflects correctness in accordance with the Laws of Guyana. The Committee is also tasked with ensuring that all published information on the website stays within the confines of non-partisanship.

All efforts have been made to ensure that all information/data on this website is as accurate as possible. Users of the site are advised to refer to the authentic published copies of the Constitution of Guyana, Acts, Rules, Regulations and Orders made there under. Users are also advised to refer to authentic handbooks, manuals, forms, reports and other relevant publication of the Guyana Elections Commission for accuracy.

The Guyana Elections Commission will not accept responsibility for any loss, embarrassment or any other negative repercussion caused by any shortcoming, deficient or inaccurate information/data published on this website. It would be appreciated if any discrepancy contained in the website would be brought to the attention of the Commission.



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