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Anyone who will be eighteen (18) years and older by December 31, 2023, and is a Guyanese citizen by birth, descent or naturalisation or is a citizen from a Commonwealth Country living in Guyana for one year or more is eligible for inclusion on the Official List of Electors.

The Claims aspect of this exercise will end on Monday, January 15, 2024

The Objections aspect of this exercise will end on Monday, January 22, 2024

Official Opening Hours

Persons desirous of making claims or objections are required to visit the GECOM Registration Office/Sub-Office responsible for their respective areas of residence to so do during:

Mondays - Fridays from 08:00hrs to 18:00hrs
Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00hrs to 14:00hrs

Click Here for a List of Offices

Making Claims

Any person who would be eligible for inclusion in the OLE is required to check the relevant Divisional/Sub-Division Preliminary List posted in their area or via this information resource hub and:

  • Make a claim to entry of the Official List of Electors, if his/her name is not on the list, by applying for registration
  • If already listed: apply for a transfer if he/she is listed at an address where he/she no longer lives
  • If already listed: apply for a change of name if he/she has changed his/her name since initial registration
  • If already listed: apply for corrections to other information, as listed on the PLE, if such information is incorrect
Documents Required

Eligible persons must be in possession of the following source documents, as may be application to conduct any of the above transactions:

    For persons applying for registration:
  1. Original Birth Certificate or a valid Guyana Passport for persons applying for registration
  2. Valid Passport or Original ‘Form F’ in the case of persons seeking to become registered by virtue being a Guyanese citizen by descent.
  3. Original Naturalization Certificate or Certificate of Registration issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs and original Birth Certificate/valid Passport – in the case of persons seeking to become registered by virtue of having acquired Guyanese citizenship via naturalization/registration.

  4. For persons applying for a name change:
  5. Original Marriage Certificate and original Birth Certificate – in the case of a name change by marriage. Note: A married woman in possession of a valid Guyana Passport with her husband’s surname does not need to provide her Marriage Certificate.
  6. Original Deed Poll and original Birth Certificate – in the case of a name change by Deed Poll.

  7. For persons apply to make corrections:
  8. Original Birth Certificate / valid Passport / Marriage Certificate / Deed Poll / Naturalization Certificate / Certificate of Registration to substantiate claims for corrections.

  9. Notes:
    • Baptismal Certificates, expired passports, photocopies of relevant documents or letters from Priests, Elders, Head Masters/Mistresses, Village Captains/Toshao and Justices of the Peace and old ID Cards WILL NOT be accepted as source documents for registration.
    • If you have changed your address since you were registered, you are required to visit the Registration Office responsible for your new area of residence to apply for transfer i.e. to get your address changed in the List.
    • Your failure to apply for transfers will result in you having to go back to the area where you previously lived to vote at any future election. Avoid any such inconvenience by applying for a transfer.
Last day to make a Claim is Monday, January 15, 2024
Making Objections

Persons who do not meet the criteria for eligibility for inclusion in the OLE could be objected to if they are listed in the PLE.

Objections to the inclusion of the name of anyone who is suspected not to have met the eligibility requirements for inclusion on the OLE could be made only by:
  • accredited Scrutineers of Political Parties, providing they have monitoring responsibilities for the Division/Sub- Division in which the person being objected to is listed,
  • an elector who is listed on the same Division/Sub- Division list on which the person being objected to is listed.
Last day to submit an Objection is Monday, January 22, 2024